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API v3 to v3.2 migration guide

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The following short guide is for migrating from API v3 to API v3.2 and supplements our API reference documentation. If you're migrating from API v2 to API v3.2, you should read our separate API v2->v3.2 migration guide instead of this one. For a list of the new features in API v3.2, please see our release notes.

Importantly, you should note that if you're deployed in the European region, and have used api.onfido.com with API v3, then you should use the new base URL api.eu.onfido.com with API v3.2.

You can read more about our supported regions.

Our API client libraries will account for the changes to the base URL settings, and will receive major version upgrades.

If you have any difficulties migrating, please email our Product Support team.


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