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Applicant Fraud report

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This is an introductory guide and overview for the Applicant Fraud report.

You'll find API documentation separately.


Applicant Fraud is currently a BETA product

The Applicant Fraud report assesses non-document and non-biometric signals to capture sophisticated fraud, without any additional user friction. The Applicant Fraud report works alongside Onfido's other reports capturing digital, passive fraud signals of IP and device integrity data, in addition to the current visual fraud detection.

You can run Applicant Fraud as a standalone report, but we recommend that you combined it with a Document or Facial Similarity report in the same check. It is only compatible with reports which require a media upload because data signals are collected at this point.

Note: The Applicant Fraud report is currently only available via the Onfido SDKs not via the API directly.


  • IP data

    • Assesses device network information, including IP reputation, IP geolocation and VPN detection
  • Device integrity data

    • Assesses the access integrity of the device and app used to interact with the Onfido system, including information such as emulation, rooting and tampering

See Applicant Fraud report properties for the full list of data collected for each signal.

Result logic

The Applicant Fraud report can return a result of clear or consider.

The overall report result will be clear if device and ip breakdowns are both clear. This means the applicant was using a valid device and a trustworthy network IP, indicating they are a genuine user.

The overall report result will be consider if either the device or ip breakdown is consider. This means the applicant was detected to have used an invalid device or an untrustworthy network IP, indicating they may be a fraudulent user.


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