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Document report

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This is an introductory guide and overview for the Document report.

If you're looking for API documentation:


The Document report is composed of data integrity, visual authenticity and police record checks. It checks the internal and external consistency of the identity document provided by the applicant to identify potential discrepancies.

In addition, any data extracted from the document through OCR is returned in the properties attribute.

The Document report combines software and an expert team to maximise fraud detection. The majority of documents will be processed instantly. However, when document analysis falls back to expert review, the report status will be delivered asynchronously via webhook notifications. (Read about webhooks in our API documentation).

Expert review is required when we encounter images that use sophisticated counterfeiting techniques, or the image is of poor quality (blurred, low resolution, obscured, cropped, or held at an unreadable angle).

BETA Document reports

Almost all use cases will require the 'primary' Document report, but yours may require one of the following BETA Document reports:

  • Document with Address Information
  • Document with Driving Licence Information

Contact your account manager for more information about the features in these BETA reports.