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Driver's License Data Verification report

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This is an introductory guide and overview for the Driver's License Data Verification (DLDV) report.

You'll find API documentation separately.


The DLDV report verifies the authenticity of an end user's document by comparing it against US state driver's license databases to confirm whether the data submitted corresponds to a real driver's license.

Onfido uses a third-party subprocessor to check driving license data against the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) facilitated Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver's license database. This allows quick and accurate verification that a given driver's license is real, providing a strong signal against synthetic fraud.

 Supported documents

  • US driver's license
  • US learner's permit or provisonal license
  • ID card

Result logic

The DLDV report can return a result of clear, consider and unidentified:

The overall report result will be clear if all fields are an exact match.

The overall report result will be consider if the name fields have been flagged as a mismatch through fuzzy matching or any optional fields don't match.

The overall report result will be unidentified if the ID number or name fields don't match.


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