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Known Faces report

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This is an introductory guide and overview for the Known Faces report.

If you're looking for API documentation:


Known Faces is currently a BETA product. Please contact client-support@onfido.com if you would like to find out more.

The Known Faces report compares a specific applicant’s likeness in their most recent live photo to live photos from all applicants in your Onfido account database. It alerts you to faces which have already been through your identity verification flow, so you can catch repeat identity fraud attempts, and help confused users who may have forgotten they already registered with you to recover their accounts.

Each applicant you run a Known Faces report against must have an uploaded "live photo", taken at time of check submission.

You can run Known Faces as a standalone report, but we recommend that you combine it with a Document and Facial Similarity report in the same check.

As a standalone report, Known Faces will not make an assessment of whether the face on the live photo is real and not a spoof (e.g. photos of photos, photos of screens): it is only concerned with the matching of faces, regardless of whether they are real faces or not. Combining Known Faces with the Document and Facial Similarity reports will guarantee the live photo is real and not a spoof, as this is assessed as part of the Facial Similarity report.

No matches will be returned against any permanently deleted applicants. If you delete an individual's applicant object, then that individual goes through the identity verification flow again and then you run a Known Faces report against them, this will not return any matches. This is because no data would be available to match against. Read more about deleting applicants in our API documentation.