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Onfido Studio

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Build, manage, and deploy identity verification journeys with Onfido Studio. Onfido Studio enables you to select from Onfido’s curated library of verifications, build the ideal journey, and manage the capture and upload of user data in one place.

Onfido Studio offers a number of benefits including:

  • Automated, smart decision making through no-code workflows
  • Customized and flexible user verification flows
  • Scalability to new markets and user requirements


Onfido Studio consists of 4 components.

The Workflow Builder

The Workflow Builder is the interface for creating and managing workflows, available directly through the Onfido Dashboard. It’s a no-code, drag and drop interface that allows you to build, maintain and update workflows seamlessly without the need for developer involvement.


Workflows are dynamic end-user verification journeys based on the rules defined using the Workflow Builder. Workflows can be created and implemented in minutes, and they communicate directly with our SDK to determine the required user flow.

You can create multiple workflows that can be used individually or in parallel for a range of use cases. For example, routing different user groups and geographies or setting up step-up verification.

Workflows allow you to define required end-user actions and which verifications are triggered, as well as logic and conditions to create fully customized verification flows. Workflows contain a number of configuration options, including adding custom outcomes and retry logic for when an end-user fails on the first verification attempt.

Verification Suite

The Onfido Verification Suite is a curated library of verification methods, from award-winning document and biometric verification solutions, through to data verifications, and fraud detection signals. With Onfido Studio, you can seamlessly integrate different verification methods in a single workflow.

In addition, when you use Studio, you don’t need to update your integration to make the most of new signals and functionalities when they are added.

Smart Capture SDK

Onfido’s Smart Capture SDK manages the end-user experience, communicating directly and dynamically with active workflows to ensure the correct capture and upload of user information. It supports all available verifications as well as additional configuration options, such as enabling NFC and a customizable welcome screen.

Studio is available via iOS, Android and Web SDKs. You can also generate a Smart Capture Link from a workflow, sending it directly to end-users on an individual or programmatic basis.


Onfido Studio is currently available for Early Adopters. Please contact client support or your Account Executive if you would like to find out more or get involved.


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