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Repeat Attempts

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This is an introductory guide and overview of the Repeat Attempts product.

You'll find API documentation separately.


The Repeat Attempts product compares the identity document from your Document report to other onboarded documents in your Onfido database. It can flag cases where attributes (such as names and date of birth) appear differently. It can be used to protect against cases where the same document is used repeatedly with minor modifications, indicating potential fraud.

Repeat Attempts does not run as a separate report, rather it analyzes your Document reports. The results can be retrieved through an API endpoint or inspected in your Dashboard, and are one of the Document report sub-breakdown results.

If you're an existing customer, please speak to your Onfido contact to enable this feature.

Repeat Attempts API endpoint

The Repeat Attempts results can be accessed through an API endpoint. Given a UUID of your Document report, it will return other Document reports where this identity document was reused. You will be able to see if attributes, such as names, were modified, and other information such as report result or report creation time. Refer to our API reference for more documentation.

The results of the Repeat Attempts API endpoint are also displayed in the Dashboard. To access it, view the Check Summary for an already completed report.

Repeat Attempts sub-breakdown result in the Document report

The Repeat Attempts flag in the Document report is available from API v3.5 onward.

You'll find the result on the Document report breakdown tree as the repeat_attempts sub-breakdown. This sub-breakdown will be flagged as caution if we detect a mismatch with attributes in previously onboarded documents.


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