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Standard and LTS releases

The mobile ecosystem is changing constantly. New releases of devices, operating systems, web browsers and more may introduce critical defects or vulnerabilities—so it's vitally important to frequently update mobile device software.

We regularly update our input-capture SDKs (Android, iOS and Web), but we understand that not all clients or partners can keep up with high-frequency releases. To meet this need, we release "Long-term Support (LTS)" to provide less frequent and more predictable release schedules compared to our "Standard" SDK releases.

This approach lets us support multiple versions of our input-capture SDKs for longer, without compromising on innovation and feature development.

All LTS SDK versions:

  • are built on the same codebases as equivalent Standard SDKs
  • contain the same features and capabilities as equivalent Standard SDKs
  • are compatible with previous integrations and future upgrades

You can integrate with an LTS SDK release now, and in future re-integrate with a Standard SDK release. In other words, the upgrade path from an LTS SDK release can be either a newer LTS SDK release or a newer Standard SDK release.

Use the following tables to keep up to date with version releases of all our input-capture SDKs:

Latest Standard and LTS versions

Android iOS Web
Latest Standard Version 9.2.0 21.3.0 6.7.1
Latest LTS Version 7.3.0-LTS Version 18.4.0-LTS 6.2.1-LTS

Previous LTS releases


  1. 6.0.0-LTS


  1. Version 18.1.2-LTS


  1. 6.2.0-LTS
  2. 5.11.3-LTS
  3. 5.11.2-LTS
  4. 5.11.1-LTS
  5. 5.11.0-LTS


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