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Watchlist reports

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This is an introductory guide and overview for the Watchlist reports.

If you're looking for API documentation:


Watchlist reports allow you to verify your users records on global watchlists, including:

  • Sanctions - Government and International Organisations Sanctions Lists
  • Politically Exposed Persons - Proprietary database of Politically Exposed Persons sourced from government lists, websites and other media sources
  • Monitored Lists - Law-enforcement and Regulatory bodies Monitored Lists (including Terrorism, Money Laundering and Most Wanted lists)
  • Adverse Media - Negative events reported by publicly and generally available media sources

Onfido offers 4 types of Watchlist report:

  • Watchlist Enhanced - returns matches against 4 breakdowns (Sanctions, PEPs and Monitored Lists and Adverse Media).
  • Watchlist Standard - returns matches against 3 breakdowns (Sanctions, PEPs and Monitored Lists)
  • Watchlist Sanctions only - returns matches against Sanctions only (subset of Watchlist Standard)
  • Watchlist PEPs only - returns matches against PEPs only (subset of Watchlist Standard)

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