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We've scheduled essential maintenance on the Onfido platform, affecting the Europe region. Read more.

Release notes

Onfido API

8th April 2021 - API v3.1

🎫 Account for cases where we don’t obtain a US barcode

This will be enabled by default for all new customers.

💬 If you're an existing customer, speak to your Onfido contact to enable this feature!

We've added the multiple_data_sources_present sub-breakdown under data_consistency in the Document report.

This currently only applies to US Driving Licenses and US State Identity Cards, and specifically only when the barcode data is missing. The relevant part of the response from the API is in the Document report object. It contains the following for a consider breakdown result:

   "data_consistency": {
     "result": "consider",
     "breakdown": {
       "multiple_data_sources_present": {
         "result": "consider",
         "properties": {}

multiple_data_sources_present acts as a validation for the data_consistency breakdown: if 2 sources are present, then data consistency is possible and the other sub-breakdowns are enabled.

multiple_data_sources_present can be disabled if needed. In this case, it will be returned as null and have no impact on the sub-result.

✅ PDF downloads of check results

You can now download PDFs of check results using an endpoint:

GET /v3.1/checks/{check_id}/download

Read more in our API reference.

📩 Webhook control on check

You can now specify which webhooks will be activated for a check upon its creation.

8th October 2020 - onfido-python

Joining our other new custom-written client libraries and built with simplicity in mind is onfido-python! 🐍

This project supersedes the auto-generated api-python-client library.

13th January 2020 - API v3.0

We wanted API v3 to improve on v2 in every possible way. We listened to our customers: we saw what could be clearer, what could be removed, and what could be simplified.

API v3 isn’t a step change, but it is an evolution. It’s designed to get you up and running with our best-in-class identity verification API faster.

If you’re an existing customer currently using API v2 but migrating to API v3, you may find our migration guide more useful.

🧼 Cleaner API structure

Compared to API v2, we’ve simplified much of our endpoint structure, removed some inconsistencies in naming, and separated the report objects from check objects to make them more straightforward to process.

👩🏻🧔🏿 Simpler applicant creation

Fields for applicant creation which were duplicated or unnecessary have been removed, and the array addresses has become the single object address nested inside applicant objects. This is now the only place you need to specify a country for an applicant.

🏗 Restructured check management

Checks, made up of reports, are the core of our product. Here are the main examples of how we’ve made check creation more streamlined:

  • API v3 removes terminology such as “report type groups”, “variants” and “asynchronous checks”
  • Specifying which report you need is now more straightforward, via an array called report_names
  • If you need to gather applicant information with our applicant form, simply use a Boolean switch in API v3
  • Unless you specify otherwise, report data is returned as soon as it’s available by default for API v3 checks
  • The request structure for creating a check is much simpler, and needs fewer lines of code each time

📷 A new biometrics offering

Facial Similarity Photo Fully Auto is only available in API v3 versions. You can read all about it in our comprehensive API reference documentation.

🎁 New client libraries

For API v3 versions, we’ve moved away from auto-generated API client (wrapper) libraries via an OpenAPI specification. Our libraries are now custom-written instead, to make your integration even easier.

⌨️ Let us know what you think

If you have any feedback or if you have any questions, contact our Client Support team at client-support@onfido.com.


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